We employ the field of Artificial Intelligence, Empirical Research, Innovative Technology,
Architectural and Scientific Visualization, Interactive Design and Software.

Tri Soft / Technology

Technology is the liberator of human thought and spirit. That is why TRI Soft has picked up the most robust, user friendly and cross-platform technologies. We strive to bring our clients the products and services they envision.

Tri Soft / Research

Our research includes currently active and attractive fields in Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, Real-time object tracking, Face recognition, real-time visualization techniques. TRI Soft constantly monitors the advances in these fields and applies them in practice. TRI Soft also conducts and performs various software simulations: traffic control, custom sandbox simulations, game development, modeling sophisticated crowd behaviors, visualizations, etc.

Tri Soft / Innovation

Innovation springs from experience and vision. When the two come together, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. TRI Soft thinks there are no standard solutions. We strive to build everything from scratch and tail it specifically to suit our clients' needs.

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When we harness the power of technology and design, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. It is like an allusion to a place that exists only in our mind, in our senses. It is constantly moving and mutable, but nonetheless real.


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