Digital Signage and its advantages

Digital Signage and its advantages

Digital Signage displays are a new generation of advertising that allows the broadcast of your chosen content (services, information, offers, ads, news, etc.) to be much more attractive and informative.

Before we start with the benefits, let's take a look at what digital ads are.

Advantages of Digital Signage and how it works

Attracts the interest of the client. A Digital Signage project can broadcast personalized photos and videos with all kinds of effects in high quality. In addition, digital displays can be installed in strategic places in order to deliver the right message to the target group of people at a specific time. In this way, Digital Signage differs significantly in functionality from print ads. The technological solution will inevitably attract the attention of the customer, and this, as we know, is the first step towards successful sales.

It is much more flexible compared to print advertising. Digital Signage is the most flexible technological advertising solution on the market. Unlike static print ads, the content of your digital project can be changed in seconds. The displays will always show information about current promotions, news or special events.

Saves costs. The costs of printing advertising materials, transport, distribution and installation are forgotten. Digital displays with Digital Signage software installed save all these headaches because they are controlled in real time via an Internet connection.

Easy to maintain. Once installed, digital displays are much easier to maintain than print ads, which become obsolete and worn out over time. You have the ability to build a network of Digital Signage displays that are managed centrally and quickly by an operator. This greatly simplifies maintenance, saves time and creates a modern look.

Here are some facts that you will find interesting:

  • 7 out of 10 customers buy a product seen on an advertising screen - in fact, customers are entering for the first time a place they have never visited before because of digital advertising;
  • 7 of these customers make a purchase thanks to this ad;
  • 52% of customers remember the message that is written on digital advertising, while the results of traditional advertising on television, radio and magazines are about 20-30% lower.

With Digital signage, you can choose what content to broadcast, on what days and hours, and all this to go along with a custom branded frame. Along with video content, you can display important news and updates, offers, ads, campaigns, messages, and anything else you think will make a successful connection between your brand and customers on the branded frame. For example, a bank may use a digital signage to display weather, stock market change information, and even traffic around the site. All this information comes from an external source and gives value to the customer. The difference, if a branded frame is used, is that all this information will be presented together with the bank's logo in the upper corner of the display. The frame itself will carry the color palette of the brand and the slogan, thus reinforcing the user's feeling that the company is a reliable source of information. After all, we gain a lot of advantages:

  • create a unique playlist and content;
  • creating content accessible in any field of business (education, fashion, food, entertainment, sports, cinema, art and many others)
  • opportunity to create your own video materials and broadcast them;
  • 100% control of the broadcast content;
  • opportunity to create a branded framework through which to strengthen the brand-consumer interaction;
  • real-time information update;

Some industries have recently undergone a complete transformation and have been heavily influenced by Digital signage technology.

Retail outlets

Digital signage has a truly amazing effect on customer behavior. It turns out that 7 out of 10 potential customers enter a store because of digital content that has attracted them. The stores still report a 24% increase in flow in their sites after the installation of the Digital signage system. It is also conducting a survey that shows that 80% of companies have a 33% increase in sales after installation.


Schools are increasingly aware of the need to display event information, important dates and dates, curriculum changes, location information and much more in a new digital way.

The power of Digital signage is in the ability of the entire system to be updated every second, so that the information is always accurate and every change is brought out in time to students and their parents. No matter how many displays are located in your objects, their content is updated at the same time, so as to save you as much time as possible.


Healthcare facilities are the segment that Digital Signage is entering with increasing force. The displays help patients to navigate more easily in the various wards, as well as to feel informed about all services and procedures. One of the biggest benefits you can get is related to the eternal problem of long waits in front of the doctor's office. If you clicked on the infographic above, you already know that Digital Signage solutions reduce the feeling of long waits by at least 35%. And this is proven.


Digital Signage displays located in banking institutions greatly facilitate communication with customers. As we know, most of the additional services offered by the bank, we learn on the spot there, and if a flyer grabs our attention and we decide to look at it. That is why many financial institutions are resorting to a more efficient way of offering their services through digital displays.

It will show the queuing customers, all your services in a much more accessible way. In addition, information about exchange rates or changes in interest rates can be displayed on the screens.

What is the conclusion?

All the advantages and interesting facts that have been described so far, will make you think about how technology is increasingly entering our daily lives. The benefits we derive from them can not only improve our business, but also our daily lives. From the time they save us to the interests, hobbies and tastes that are offered to us, Digital Signage definitely improves and makes our lives easier.

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