Tank training simulator

Tank training simulator

What are simulators?

Simulators are re-creation of real world process in a controlled environment and simulation modeling is computer based and uses algorithms and equations. It involves creating objects, animals, people and laws. By running these models in a certain way, different types of people can be trained and prepared for real – world situations. Simulations are used in many cases, such as – exploration, safety tests, video games, movies and others. One of the simulator goals is to solve real-world problems safely and efficiently. Simulators are often used in business to solve certain problems, such as building engaging business cases, design new process or whole facilities, find and remove bottlenecks of any operation system or application.

There are six different types of simulators: Concepts Simulation, Process Simulation, Planning Simulation, Totality Simulation, Functional Simulation, and Strategic Simulation

There are few important steps that should be followed when using a simulator.

  • Decide the purpose of the simulator – not very often someone will use the simulator to recreate a whole business or an international war. Simulators are usually used to determine what part of certain operation is necessary to be considered and trained and as I said not whole business, but any small part is usually selected to test different scenarios.
  • Build all of the important parts – everything is important even the smallest rock, this way the results will be accurate.
  • Calibration – a few test in the beginning will be needed to test if everything works correctly and as expected.
  • Analyzing the result and select the best approach.
  • Share your results – share to your colleagues, manager and all interested personnel. This provides better learning.

There are different types of tank simulators.

Complex simulator as Rheinmetall Driver Training Simulator integrated with VBS3 which has a motion system with 6 degrees freedom, realistic vehicle dynamics, game engine based image generator, authentic vehicle behavior, 200 ° viewpoint, real time instructor, urban areas various environmental conditions, convoy training, record and replay functionality; This way every trainee can learn from his mistakes and not repeat them. In this type of simulator the trainee will feel in real-time  every motion, every rock and even different conditions and even the rollback of the main cannon.

Our simulator has realistic vehicle dynamics, authentic vehicle behavior 360°  viewpoint, different camera views, severe environmental conditions can be added, villages, civilians and other heavy machinery. We have added night vision and thermal vision capabilities. These features help us to see in a complete dark environment and detect any objects which have a little raise in temperature. These features make our simulator perfect for training in even the most complex situations, such as training in complete darkness.

Both of those simulators have the same mission

  •  Save money – real battle tanks are expensive. By training in simulators, the army cuts down costs for maintenance, firing projectiles, fuel, hiring new staff, purchasing new equipment, and logistics. And while crashing the tank into an object or firing projectile at the wrong target could cost millions in real life, in a tank simulator those scenarios will cost exactly 0$.
  • Save time – simulator save a lot of time. This is due to the fact that the training equipment is situated in a single room where the whole world can be re – created. Many different scenarios, which usually take weeks or even month to test – can be re – created just in a day or two.
  • Gives better training skill – with the ability of simulators to re –create any part of the world - from the extreme hot parts of Africa to the frozen wilds of Russia. This setup will not only test the durability of a soldier but also that of the vehicles.
  • Test different strategies under the same circumstances – testing in the real world is sometimes challenging to repeat the exact circumstances in every exercise. Sometimes there is only a single chance to collect the results of an experiment. With the simulators you can test the same idea as many times as you want, insuring that you have the exact same circumstances every single time.
  • Determine potential impact of random events -   any unpredictable action can be involved in simulations at any given time which will in turn trigger the instinct of trainees and the durability of the virtual vehicle. For instance, a random cannon failure can be initiated in order to test the response of the trainee and his capability to solve it. And if the kadet is unable to solve the problem the instructor can reset the simulation with the same conditions.

Both simulators can change every little detail in the terrain – add water, hills, trees, different weather effects.

You can also watch our promo video that we did for the defence expo HEMUS 2020:

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