FluurMat is a next generation interactive floor for STEM. In short, It is a platform for playing educational and entertainment video games on the floor. FluurMat is built around the idea of Natural User Interface (NUI). Children can interact with the virtual world by the means of movement and game-play in a natural and fluid way. Instead of learning how to interact with a user interface, kids can literally jump into the virtual projection, play and learn in a fun and exiting way. FluurMat is a convenient and affordable interactive system. Following this philosophy, we have made sure the system fits your desired setup and not vice-versa. You can mount the system onto a ceiling and affix it there permanently, or use it as a portable solution. FluurMat is great for schools, kindergartens and learning centers.

A number of our games have been designed for entertainment purposes. These make FluurMat an engaging attraction wherever there are lots of children (and adults, of course) . All you need is a projector and a floor area and you can turn any place into a play zone. If you were wondering what new and exciting attraction you could offer at malls, shopping centers and kids centers, you’ve got the right place.

Runs on affordable hardware.

FluurMat is envisioned as an all-in-one platform that you can purchase directly from us (or available re-sellers). Alternatively, with a little IT knowledge you can build one yourself. You do not need expensive hardware like Virtual Reality headsets or a high-end computer. 

Multiple mounting solutions.

FluurMat can be mounted on the the ceiling, on a wall or on various aluminium truss constructions. It can even be mounted on completely portable and movable constructions.

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