Digital Kiosk TK45

Digital Kiosk TK45

A digital kiosk is an integral part of a modern digital signage system. Many government and private institutions introduce digital self-service kiosks, in order to reduce waiting queues and cut down on salary costs.

The digital kiosks come in many sizes and shapes. For the most part, they are comprised of: a stand, a mini-computer and a display. The display can be mounted horizontally, at an angle or vertically. Some digital kiosks are for information only - they display interchanging images, text and video to the end user. However, some models are with multi-touch displays that enable the user to take control of the information. 

We, as a company, can offer our customers digital kiosks that fit their needs. For your specific request or custom project, please sends a brief description and we will send you a quote. Feel free to visit our contacts page.    

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