Digital Signage information system

Digital Signage information system

Digital signage is everywhere - from information displays inside shopping malls to public transport passenger information systems. We see it when we walk by a real-estate office, listing various "hot" offers for properties and rentals. We see it when we order coffee from a public coffee machine. We see it in public transport - when we wait for the bus or when we walk in the railway station. While diverse in all its forms, its main purpose remains clear - showing relevant and timely information to customers and passengers. You can read more on the advantages of a digital signage systems here.

TRI Soft's Digital Signage solution is comprised of smart and independent software components and modules. Using modern technologies and Artificial Intelligence algorithms our system is able to perform information acquisition, transportation and outputting that information through various multimedia channels - screens for images, text and video, and speakers for audio. Here are a few examples of use-cases.

Retail Industries

Retail industries rely heavily on advertisement and showing their product or products to the customer. This is the reason digital signage plays an important role in this sector. One of the usages is a display or series of displays that play multimedia content on a loop. Another usage is a self-service kiosk, where the customer is in control of what content is presented on the screen. Our content management system allows brand owners and marketeers to design how their products are presented and via which multimedia channels. In addition to the digital signage software system, we offer a hardware self-information kiosk. You can read more about our separate product: the Digital Kiosk TK45 here.

Bus and Railway station information

TRI Soft's Digital signage system can be used in another context - displaying travel information for public transport. Our system is able to collect, aggregate, predict and visualize travel information about bus and railway transportation. The information, relevant to the customers, can be in the form of timetables that show expected arrivals, delays, public transport connections to the next travel destination. Our system provides a public API, so that third parties can develop their own solutions. An example of the latter is a mobile app that is able to consume the processed information by our system and list arrival and departure times for public transport lines and show updates to a passenger's phone in real-time.

Onboard Passenger Information Systems

While riding a bus or while on a train / tram / metro our system is able to display to the passenger relevant information about their trip. Such information includes (but is not limited to):

  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA), taking traffic into account.
  • Displaying a list of upcoming stations
  • Showing time and date to the passengers
  • Showing the bus / railway vehicle geo-location on the map
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis
  • Displaying multimedia ads to passengers.

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