SpacePort Futuristic Development

SpacePort Futuristic Development

SpacePort Futuristic Development was a project we made in 2 days during the "N.A.S.A. Space apps challenge" in 2016. We were nominated a global finalist in our category and made it to the Global Award Finals (Top 25). 

Project Overview

In this game, the player can build various buildings - vertical launch pads, hotels, mining factories. We have a special kind of building - the orbital launcher (inspired by the Magnetic Levitation Launch Assist technology). In addition, we implemented a simple resource and money economy. We have made use of real GIS data for constructing our terrain.

The motivation behind creating this simulator is that infrastructure planning is a crucial step in spaceport development. Potential location-related problems can be clearly seen in comparison to planning on paper. In addition, the in-game economy system can help prevent stagnation down the road.  Check out the space apps page:

This is still an ongoing project and we plan to further develop it into a full simulator or a real-time strategy game. 

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