Skeletal Animation 2D

Skeletal Animation 2D

The project was part of the Open Arts Program of NIGHTS in Plovdiv (2016). CREATIVE MEDIA LAB is a new module in the program of NIGHT/Plovdiv that is focused entirely on the development of digital art and presenting it in an interactive, laboratory environment in the lobby and hall of the Military Club, Plovdiv during 24 - 25 September from 16:00 to 23:00.

A selection of Bulgarian and international artists have presented their works in the fields of performance practices, installations, video art, objects, software, creative coding. The content of the Creative Media Lab also included demonstrations of new technologies, presentations of contemporary media art tendencies, workshops, and lectures. The Special Guest of the event - Barak Koren from Israel, started with an introduction at 20:00 and did his first workshop for "TouchDesigner" in Europe, as well as a presentation of his projects. The curator of Creative Media Workshop was Petko Tanchev.

The project itself was a two-day format Hackathon, in which the participants had the opportunity to experiment with different interactive instruments and to cooperate for creating contemporary multidisciplinary projects. The audience had entered in an unexpected, abstract environment, an intersection between art, digital technologies and science.

"Skeletal Animation 2D", an interactive installation by Stefan Stavrev - allows viewers to improvise with the management of skeleton in real time. The two-dimensional pattern repeated movements and gestures of anyone who stood in front of it. The background environment creates additional "suspense" by constantly changing and put the avatar in different situations.

The event was supported by the Israeli Embassy in Bulgaria and "Shalom - Plovdiv" organization.

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